Jakarta Pool League

Aphrodisiacs Mens & Ladies for winning both the Jakarta Mens Pool League and the Jakarta Ladies Pool League

The purpose of the Jakarta Pool League (JPL) is to organize opportunities for pool players to compete and socialize. The league organizes two separate billiard competitions each year, the Jakarta Expat and Ladies Pool Leagues (JEPL) and the Jakarta International and Ladies Pool Leagues (JIPL). In addition to regular fixtures, the JPL hosts exciting singles and team competitions and parties at the end of each season.

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The Leagues

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:: Announcement
Jakarta International Pool League starts Wednesday, August 9th, 2017.
 Please check the schedule for more details
:: Upcoming Events

:: Top 5 Men Team
# Team Name Frames
1 Aphrodisiacs 133
2 Dungeon Predators 145
3 Mollys Huhuligans 118
4 Dungeon Stitch 117
5 Aphrodite Dragons 114

:: Top 5 Ladies Team
# Team Name Frames
1 Aphrodisiacs 60
2 Dungeon Stitch 64
3 Dungeon Predators 63
4 Aphrodite Dragons 53
5 Aphrodite Red 51

:: Bars
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